Enter the rank amateur

Bees have been buzzing around my head, figuratively, for a couple of years now.

Before long, I hope, they will be buzzing literally.

I am about to enter the world of beekeeping. I have been reading a lot about it. I have been attending meetings of the Blount County, Tenn., Beekeepers Association. My friend Jim Brown, married to my wife’s cousin, has showed me his operation and promised help. His friend, Howard Kerr, has promised to sell me all of the initial equipment that I will need.

The beekeepers association is having its annual two-night beekeeping workshop next week, and I will be attending that.

Martha Steward is to blame.Storage shed on the farm

I was watching a show of hers a couple of years ago in which she featured her bees. Mostly, she showed the honey extraction process, but I was fascinated and thought that if I ever got the opportunity, I would do it.

Now, the time seems to be right. We have moved to east Tennessee and have access to the 13-acre farm where my wife Sally grew up. It’s a beautiful place with a big barn and lots of pasture. Last summer I harvested a bumper crop of wild blackberries, and I am looking forward to doing the same this next July.

And I have a spot picked out for a couple of beehives.

So here goes. I’ll keep you posted.